COVID-19 Stories

Battling COVID-19         

In Spring of 2020, Novel COVID-19 Cornavirus was all that the news containted. Sickness, death, fear, helplessness, social distancing, and self-quarantine was on everyone's mind.  Posted here, you will not find this news.  Here you will find the stories of people that fought through the fear to do something positive.  Here you find our heroes...



In March of 2020, Connie Kurtz, Executive Director of Hopewell took a phone call that brought her to tears...

A generous and caring couple recognized that our employees are worth much more than they are paid. They were told that yes, we had to lay off or reduce the hours of over 50 employees.  They expressed concern over how these dedicated employees were going to survive financially.  They realized that our employees do our work because they love what they do and those they serve. This couple decided to make a donation to Hopewell Center with the desire that a portion of this gift be given directly to our employees to help them meet their needs during this difficult time. In late March, we had the honor of giving bonus checks to our 200+ employees to help them through a tough time. 
The Message...
Our employees are incredible and people notice and appreciate it.
Thank you to our special donor. We are humbled by your gesture
Thank you to all of you who care for others. You are making a difference in people's lives.
And thank you to our community. You make us proud to be a part of Anderson and Madison County.


Madison County Health Department has been our community guardian angel... 

Without request, the Madison County Health Department sought us out as a needy community provider and offered gowns, gloves, and masks for our dedicated employees.  Their support has allowed us to follow CDC recommendations closely in protecting our clients.    


The flexibility and creativity of our direct-care staff continues to amaze us...

Our direct-care staff are working with nearly 100 individuals residing in homes throughout the county.  These essential professionals leave the safety of their own homes and their own families to travel to client homes where they can protect, care, and comfort.  These professionals think nothing of the risks they take to do "what is needed."   These professionals have created daytime programming to meet the needs of these individuals while they remain sheltered in their homes.  Like all of us, they fight boredom with puzzles, baking, crafts, and hobbies. Our professionals are teaching (and learning) new leisure skills to be used beyond this crisis.     Heroes Work Here.


Oakley Brothers sets aside profit to join our battle...

Very early in the pandemic, supply chains dried up and necessary tools to battle this crisis became very difficult to acquire.  Community businesses shut down due to the restrictions, suddenly began stepping up to assume responsibility.  We are very grateful to Oakley Brothers Distillery for stepping up and for providing us with 10 gallons of hand sanitizer to pass along for the protection of our professionals and those in their care.  Please express our gratitude on your next visit to Oakley Brothers!


Recent college grad makes family proud...

A staff member's relative that recently graduated from Purdue, donated $500 to Hopewell Center, Inc. because "I thought you probably needed it."  A week later his employer Flexware Innovation matched his contribution!


Home made masks!

LIz Frank made several masks for our staff.  Below is a picture of LaKiesha McCullough wearing one of the masks Liz made. Staff Shawn Carey, Kasey Gray and Danielle Saunders have also made masks or had friends who made masks for staff.

Home made mask


Do Something Nice!

Angie Stickler and Angela Eden are friends of Direct Support Professional Jennifer Baylor. They wanted to do something nice for the staff so they left a $100 gift card on Jennifer's porch with a note to do something nice for the staff that she works with.  Jennifer and co-worker Danielle used the gift card to order  pizza for staff at one of our 24 hours sites.


Culture time!

At one of Hopewell's Supported Living sites, the residents and staff are using this time to learn about new cultures. With assistance from Danielle Saunders (QIDP-D) and Direct Support Professionals Darlene Deck, Cheyenne Hunter, Priscilla Davis, Jennifer Baylor, Tyler Smith and Cranisha Blair, the residents are making meals and watching movies about each culture.


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