What can Hopewell do to help?

Help comes in many forms....

...Helping a child learn to sit-up, crawl, stand, and walk,

...Listening to a families frustrations, fears, and needs,

...Teaching parents the basics of nutrition,

...Teaching the skills necessary to find and keep a job,

...Helping build meaningful lives in the community,

...and identifying the needs each person has in order to experience an independent life.

Are Hopewell staff qualified?

Each staff position has distinct qualifications necessary for an individual to be hired and retained in an employment position.  These qualifications may include a clean driving record, certification in CPR, supervisory experience, specific education or training, and/or demonstrated caring and understanding of persons with special needs.  Any consumer is encouraged to review the qualifications of any staff position by contacting the Executive Director or their designee.  An appointment will be set to allow review of the "Essential Functions" of a position, hiring qualifications, and on-going staff training.  Feedback on qualifications will be solicited and encouraged.

How do I know if I'm eligible?

Each program has different eligibility criteria:

Homestart Early Learning - birth to 36 months of age, demonstrate a delay or be considered "at risk" as defined in the Division of Disability and Rehabilitative Service's First Steps website.

Community Employment - Age 18 or older, eligible for third party funding (Office of Vocational Rehabilitation) or agree to self pay, support needs consistent with community employment.

Day Services - Age 18 years or older, Medicaid or Medicaid Waiver eligibility.

Group Home - Age 18 years or older, diagnosed as developmentally disabled with functioning levels similar to other residents, eligible for work training and/or community employment, Medicaid eligibility, TB & Hep B screen.

Supported Living - Diagnosed as developmentally disabled, approved plan of care to receive Medicaid Waiver services, approved level of support that meets level of need, and eligible for work training and/or community employment.

The first step is to call us

If you have concerns, frustrations, or want some reassurances... call us.  We will put you in touch with qualified professionals that know your uncertainty and are ready with answers and a plan.  Hopewell staff will assess your needs and identify appropriate services.  If we don't deliver those services, we'll put you in touch with someone who does. 

...But don't delay, many services have waiting lists.

There are so many choices, what should I do?

There are as you have discovered, many service providers ready to provide assistance to you and your family.  How do you choose?  Consider asking the following questions:

Does the provider have a broad spectrum of services from which to choose?

Is the provider a leader in their field? Is the provider  considered an expert to the community, higher education, industry associations, and state agencies?

Does the provider receive accreditation from national performance standard associations?

Does the provider regularly ask their customers if they're satisfied? ...and make the results public?

Is the provider ready to suggest competitors in an effort to be sure that you are satisfied with your services?

Has the provider been in business for over 50 years?

Choose Hopewell Center!

How much will this cost?

Most services at Hopewell Center, Inc. are funded in whole or in part through partnerships with various State Agencies. 

How do I sign up?

To sign up for Adult Services, start by applying online for funding from the Bureau of Developmental Disability Services here.

To sign up for Children's Services for children age birth to three years, start by applying online for First Steps funding with First Steps.

...Call us if you have any difficulties signing up.   We hope you will choose us for your service provider!

How can I get involved?

Contact us for a visit, a donation, a job, or a volunteer site... 

...we can't do it without you.


Hopewell Center, Inc. will respond to all requests for information on available services and programs.  Programmatic information including entry criteria, participation levels, demographics, satisfaction, procedures, rights, responsibilities, goals, and survey results is available by verbal or written request.  Tours of facilities are also available by request.