Mission, Vision, & Values


Our Vision

We see ourselves as the provider of quality services for persons with disabilities in Madison County and surrounding areas.
We see ourselves as an organization that creates the opportunity for persons with disabilities to be productive, participating citizens who have choices and supports that enable them to be a part of the community.

Our Mission

The mission of Hopewell Center, Inc. is to help adults, children and families experience independent and meaningful lives.
To provide individualized training and education to residents of Madison County and surrounding areas, who have disabilities or other needs, and to help each one reach their potential.
To educate our community and encourage an environment that acknowledges the value and contributions of all people.

Our Values

 -  People with disabilities should be respected as individuals and valued for their contributions to the community.

-  We are dedicated to quality. Meeting the individualized needs of our customers will be our highest priority.

-  We will responsibly use our various resources to provide the greatest benefits for our customers.

-  Each staff member is a valued member of the team. Teamwork enables us to make best use of the talents of every individual.

-  We will provide training to prepare our staff to competently perform each job in support of our mission.


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