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Job Description - Maintenance Assistant

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The dream of Hopewell Center began in the early 1950s when a group of parents sought services for their children and founded Peter Pan Preschool. The group was incorporated in 1966 and officially adopted the name Hopewell Center in May 1983.

As a private, not-for-profit agency, Hopewell has experienced rapid growth in services, personnel, and persons served. While originally focusing exclusively on persons with disabilities, Hopewell has expanded its services to families with infants and toddlers that are 'at-risk due to developmental or socio-economic factors.

Hopewell now has an array of facility and community-based opportunities, including family services, children's services, employment services, and residential services. Today, nearly 200 caring professionals provide person-centered services to over 450 individuals a year.

The following essential job functions for a Maintenance Assistant comprise a summary of job duties, requirements, and responsibilities contained in the job description prepared for this position. The job description will serve as the primary document in the selection and hiring process and constitutes the context for incumbent job performance and evaluation.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS of a Maintenance Assistant:

  • Follows assigned work schedule, assuring that all designated work is completed;

  • Cleans floors throughout assigned buildings, as required;

  • Collects and removes trash from bathrooms, hallways, work areas, and offices;

  • Operates forklift to move dumpster to pick-up location;

  • Cleans and sanitizes assigned bathrooms;

  • Cleans windows and frames, washes walls, doors and furniture, as appropriate;

  • Diagnoses and conducts minor repairs.

  • Changes lights in exit lights in assigned buildings;

  • Cleans all drinking fountains, as appropriate;

  • Performs various outdoor maintenance duties, such as shoveling snow, mowing, trimming grass and removing debris, as needed;

  • Periodically operates motor vehicle to retrieve vehicles in need of repair;

  • Performs related duties as assigned, assuring the best interest of both the agency and the clients' welfare.

  • Ability to make decisions with little to no supervision.

REQUIREMENTS of a Maintenance Assistant:

  • Working knowledge of basic repair, cleaning and sanitation requirements for assigned area of responsibility;

  • Ability to physically perform janitorial and maintenance duties and operate related tools and equipment;

  • Ability to plan and layout work projects, determining tasks and developing work schedules to achieve desired goals;

  • Ability to follow verbal instructions and perform duties under minimal supervision;

  • Knowledge of the variety and uses of cleaning and sanitizing agents and comprehend operating instructions;

  • Ability to follow all personnel policies and rules of the organization;

  • Ability to effectively communicate with co-workers and clients with ability to provide assistance to clients;

  • Previous knowledge and/or experience with intellectually disabled individuals preferred;

  • Basic knowledge of general maintenance and the tools to complete tasks with little to no supervision.


  • Possession of a valid Driver's License and a demonstrated safe driving record.

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