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Headquartered at the corner of 53rd and Main in Anderson, Indiana, Hopewell Center works throughout Madison County to assist people in overcoming personal hardships and developing new opportunities for growth and independence within the community.

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As of Tuesday Novermber 24, 2020, our Day Services program is closed.  On November 23, 2020 a staff member tested positive for COVID-19.  This staff person is administrative in nature and does not regularly work with Day Services consumers.  Contract tracing resulted in 4 staff and 1 consumer being exposed.  These individuals were immediately notified and advised to quarantine.  As a further precaution, Hopewell Center has determined that it is best to close Day Services to all consumers and staff until December 7, 2020.  This time off will allow the virus to run its course and all consumers and staff to return to a safe environment in December. 

Thank you for your understanding and have a safe and healthy holiday.


Our Agency will utilize the following four CDC cornerstones: Screening, Handwashing, Social Distancing, and Cleaning to ensure the health and safety of consumers and staff.  In addition to the cornerstones, we have implmented a thorough health screening system and comprehensive PPE supply.
At this time our campus is only open to visitors with appointments, however applications can be completed online and our staff are available by phone M-F 8:00am – 4:30pm.  Many of our services have adapted to a virtual methodology where applicable.

We cannot overexpress our gratitude to the care and commitment our employees have demonstrated during these uncertain times. We also appreciate the patience and understanding of our community as we navigate the changing environment related to the pandemic.


Battling COVID-19
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